3 Tips For Selecting Fabrics The First Time

Posted on: 14 October 2015

If you are new to sewing, choosing the right fabrics can be more challenging than you think. Without the right fabric, your project could lack the quality that you desire. To help ensure you make the right selections at the fabric store, here are some tips. 

Check the Bolts' Labels

Each bolt of fabric in the store is labeled with vital information that you need in your selection process. The label is either affixed to the end of the bolt or can be found on a tag attached to its cardboard tubing. A label typically has the fiber content, the width of the fabric, its price per yard, and how much it costs to buy the entire bolt. You can even find the country of origin on the label. To ensure you have the right fabric for your project, read the label. 

In addition to all of the other information on the bolt's label, the washing instructions are also included. Make note of the washing instructions for the fabric you choose so that you can care for the sewn item when it is completed. 

Be Creative With How You Use the Fabrics

Fabrics are typically categorized into different sections of the store. For instance, you could find some fabrics are designated for use as curtains or clothing. Even though they are categorized in this manner, you are not limited to using them solely for the recommended purposes.

You can choose to be creative and pick fabrics that you feel could work for your project. For instance, you could use denim found in the clothing section to create a tablecloth or curtain. 

Watch the Cut of the Fabric

Ideally, you know the measurements of the item you want to sew. This can help determine just how much fabric you need to complete your project. When having the fabric cut by an employee, there are a couple of things to remember. 

Ensure that the cut is straight. If the employee opts to cut from a bolt that is on display or hanging, the line could be crooked. As a result, you could lose some of the inches that you need. You should also consider asking for more fabric than you need. A few extra inches of fabric could come in handy if the measurements were incorrect or there are mistakes made while sewing. 

The first time you visit a fabric store can be daunting, but luckily, selecting the right fabrics gets easier as you gain experience.