Why You Should Get Your Chimney Inspected On An Annual Basis

Posted on: 18 September 2021

If you, like many millions of Americans, enjoy the warmth and sight of a fire during the winter months, then you most likely have a fireplace and chimney in your home. There are many different types of chimneys, and while not all are made of the same material or even look the same, they do share similar problems. The issue is that many of these problems can be catastrophic when they occur, which is why to be safe, most people would recommend an annual inspection by professional chimney services, and here is a brief look into why.

Chimney Fires Are No Joke

You might think that the whole reason you have a chimney and fireplace is to keep the fire restrained in one area, and that is true, which is why very few people expect chimney fires when they occur. The problem is that soot and ash can build up on the internal pathway of your chimney, and this is very flammable. If it finds a foothold or is sparked by a few embers, it can and will go up in a blaze. If there are any holes or gaps in your preventative layers, then this can engulf your home as well. One core duty performed by chimney services is the cleaning of your chimney so this doesn't happen.

Chimney Repair

Even if you ignore the risk of a fire from a busted-up chimney, it will still make your home quite uncomfortable. Rainwater can easily come in through gaps in the top of your chimney, and this can post a structural issue to the wooden frames inside your walls. It can also make your home quite cold in the middle of winter, as it provides a huge gap for a draught of wind to blow through right when you least expect it. Your chimney likely touches quite a few rooms on its way to the roof, so this can pose a bigger frustration than you might realize.

Get Rid Of That Smell

Chimneys can build up a certain stench after a few years, or even just a few months if you regularly use them. If you are looking for a fresh start and want to remove all those old layers of leftover fires from years gone past, then look into chimney cleaning. Many chimney services have special cleaning equipment and chemicals that can do a better and more thorough job than what you can find in the store, and this lasts for a long time which is why an annual job is usually all you need.