Gravel Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

Posted on: 13 January 2022

Gravel can be used as a neat and tidy outdoor floor covering. It can also be used as a filler material that will take the place of an adhesive or an organic ground cover. The following ideas may inspire you to use a gravel variety during the next landscaping project that you tackle.

An Affordable Way To Define An Area 

Pea gravel, quartz gravel, or limestone or flagstone fragments will add a decorative element to your yard, without requiring you to pay a lot of money for large hardscaping materials and labor. Anyone can install gravel within minutes and can expect to receive beautiful results that define the area where the rock pieces are added. Gravel is the perfect aggregate to use as the base layer for a fire pit. It is non-flammable and will provide a surface that chairs and other furnishings can be anchored into.

Gravel can also be used to create a non-traditional patio. If you would like to separate your lawn from the area where you will be grilling, but don't want to deal with the installation of large slabs of rock or other common patio materials, using gravel to create a makeshift patio is an alternative. A gravel surface that is a contrasting color to your grass will provide room for your barbecue gear, outdoor swing, and lawn furnishings.

An Easy Way To Fill Gaps

If you have ever laid patio pavers next to each other, you probably had to use some type of adhesive to bind the materials together. If you omitted the use of an adhesive and decided to space the pavers apart from one another, you may have needed to select a ground cover to plant in each gap. This type of process can be tedious and would eventually require that ground cover plants be trimmed back. An easier way to fill gaps is to use gravel as a filler material.

Small gravel pieces that are placed in joints will contrast with large stones, bricks, or other hardscaping materials. Gravel pieces should lay flush with the surface of surrounding materials or slightly lower than the surrounding materials. Large paving materials should be installed first. Afterward, a tape measure can be used to ensure that all of the paving materials are aligned in an even manner. Bags of gravel can be poured directly into each gap that is between two adjacent paving materials.

Contact a gravel supply company for more information about gravel for landscaping.