Top Gifts For Gardening Enthusiasts

Are you searching for the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Does the recipient enjoy gardening or flowers? Here are some gift suggestions to help make the day special:

Exotic seeds: Many gardeners know about plants that they would love to grow, but they either can’t find the seeds or can’t justify the expense of purchasing them. Try to find out if the intended recipient has been searching for a particular type of plant or seed. Research whether the seeds will need specialized equipment for them to sprout or grow. If they do, consider gifting those as well.

Tealight oil warmer: If the person that you’re buying the gift for likes the smell of flowers but has no garden, consider purchasing a tealight oil warmer set for them. A tealight oil warmer’s beautiful fragrances will help to evoke a mental image of freshly cut flowers. In addition, if the recipient is allergic to flower pollen, gifting them a tealight oil warmer and realistic silk flowers can be a wonderful alternative to freshly cut flowers. If you don’t know what their favorite scent is, include several different ones for them to choose from.

Potpourri lamp: A potpourri lamp may be a type of tealight oil warmer, but it can also be a type of regular lamp. Where a tealight oil warmer uses a candle to warm the oil so that the scent fills the room, a potpourri lamp uses an ordinary light bulb. The lack of an open flame may make these lamps a better option for people who have pets or small children. Because they are so similar, you may be able to find a potpourri lamp being sold near or with the tealight oil warmers.

Bonsai: Not every gardener has room in their yard for their favorite tree. A beautiful bonsai is the perfect choice for a gardening enthusiast with little to no space. If they don’t already have them, be sure to include bonsai tools and bonsai how-to books so that they know how to properly care for their new plant. Depending on where they live, you should also consider including a small grow light as well. This way, they won’t have to worry about putting their bonsai outside in freezing temperatures simply so that it can get some sunlight.

Before buying anything, try to determine whether there are any scents or plants that they hate. For example, some people might dislike the smell of roses while other people detest lavender. If they happen to mention that they despise pruning, giving them a bonsai might not be the best option. But finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you keep your eyes and ears open.

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5 Inexpensive Ways To Refresh An Older Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great way to add value to your home due to it being one of the first things potential homebuyers look at when house-shopping. If you want to make some upgrades in your bathroom while on a budget, you should start small and consider which projects will make a big visual improvement without costing a lot.

Incorporate Accent Tiles

Ripping out the existing tile flooring or walls is expensive and should be avoided if you’re trying to remodel your bathroom while on a budget. An easy way to change the look of either the floors or the walls is by adding accent tiles. Choosing tiles that flatter the appearance of the bathroom and doing the installation on your own can help make a big impact in the way your bathroom looks.

Replace Knobs and Pulls

The cabinetry in your bathroom can look aged if the cabinets are without knobs or pulls. Even cabinetry with hardware already can look unattractive if they no longer fit the style of the bathroom. Luckily, replacing this kind of hardware can make a big improvement in the bathroom and is very affordable.

Install a Curved Shower Rod

If you use a shower curtain in your bathroom, you may want to consider exchanging the current rod for a curved shower rod. By switching out the rod, you’ll be able to alter the way that your bathroom looks and enjoy more space in the shower at the same time.

Put in Some New Lighting Fixtures

Removing old lighting and replacing them with modern fixtures can not only brighten up your bathroom drastically, but it can also lead to savings in energy usage. When replacing the fixtures, make sure to use energy-efficient lightbulbs for the most savings.

Change Out the Linens

The linens in your bathroom can make the room feel much more outdated than it is. Linens such as the rug, bath towels, and hand towels should all be removed and exchanged with fresh linens that match the new look of your bathroom. Sticking with a matching set of linens can also help keep a uniform look that feels modern.

Making some changes in your bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive if you know what kind of projects to undertake. In order for your bathroom to look brand new without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, get familiar with inexpensive upgrades that offer a big visual change. (For more information, contact Art Tile Co. Inc. or another company)

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Stay Safe And Protect Your Investment – Tips For Gas Appliance Maintenance And Safety

Owning your own home is one of the most exciting and satisfying accomplishments of anyone’s life, but it also comes with myriad challenges. High on the list of these is the challenge of maintaining and getting the most out of every aspect of your home, including the appliances you’ve installed.

Popular with many people for their reliability and consistency, gas appliances do require a good deal of maintenance, upkeep, and safety considerations. Below, you’ll find a guide that will assist you in maintaining your gas appliances. By following these tips, you can be sure that your stove will be there for you when you need it and you won’t have to worry about untimely or dangerous breakdowns.

Careful Storage

One of the most dangerous things you can do near a gas appliance is store things that may be flammable. Common kitchen items like paper towels, napkins, and hand towels can be dangerous accelerants if they happen to drape over the open flame of your gas stove.

You should also consider the chemicals that you keep in your kitchen. Cleaning products, insect repellant, and other items are frequently stored beneath the kitchen sink or in cabinets, but you should be aware of the way these products and their fumes can interact with an open flame as well the residual gas from your oven or stove.

Sufficient Clearance

Gas appliances are designed to be installed in a space of a given size, as they radiate a degree of heat and excess gas that needs to be allowed to dissipate. If you violate these clearance restrictions, you can easily suffer appliance breakdowns as well as dangerous environmental conditions.

It’s best to install gas appliances in large, open spaces that allow for full ventilation. If you’re unsure as to the clearance requirements for your appliances, you should consult with the manufacturer or a reliable maintenance and repair service.

Consistent Inspection

With a gas leak, all it takes is one instant for a small problem to become a serious disaster. While it may be tempting to rest on your laurels and cut costs in terms of inspection costs, this can also lead to failing appliances or a serious situation that could threaten the safety of your home. You should be sure to maintain an inspection schedule as suggested by your manufacturer, as this will guarantee that you have a safe appliance that will always be responsive to your needs.

For more information, contact Gringer & Sons Inc. or a similar company.

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Move Into An Apartment At The Last Minute With These Tips

While it’s always helpful to begin planning for a move to a new apartment a few months in advance, this may not always be a possibility. Whether you’re needing to move out of your current home due to a sudden increase in rent or a problem with the building, you’ll want to do your best to make your transition to a new apartment as smooth as possible.

By utilizing a few handy tips for moving on a quick time schedule, you can be in your new apartment very quickly without any hassle.

Don’t Hesitate to Downsize Items

The biggest mistake people make when moving is bringing along too much stuff they no longer need. This is especially common when moving at the last minute, since it’s tempting to just pack all of your furniture, clothes, and household items. Sorting through your items and discarding what you no longer use or need can help lighten the load for your move, allowing you to use a smaller moving truck and less labor.

Pick Up Affordable Packing Supplies

Moving supplies such as cardboard boxes and packing tape can help reduce a lot of the stress associated with moving. Instead of buying directly from the moving company, look into ordering packing supplies online or even picking boxes up for free from various sources.

Ask for Help From Friends and Family

Requesting help from friends and family members for packing and moving your items can help reduce a lot of the stress on you and allow you to enjoy some time with your loved ones. In order to turn this chore into a fun event, order some pizza or provide snacks and turn on some music so that everyone can have a good time.

Hire Movers for Assistance

The easiest way to take care of the work involved with moving is by requesting the help of local movers. A moving company can help take care of lifting heavy boxes and furniture and bringing them into the designated rooms of your new apartment so that you don’t have to.

Clear Your Schedule for the Move

If you have a busy schedule, it’s crucial that you make room for this event. Jugging a busy schedule involving work or school can be a challenge when you’re moving, making it a good idea to take some time off, if possible.

Hiring a moving company for the day of your move can be hard when you’re moving at the last minute, but it can be done and will provide a world of difference in the experience.  To learn more about household moving, visit Wheaton World Wide Moving

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Choosing The Right Type Of Mattress For You

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for your needs, it isn’t always as simple as going into the mattress store and trying a few of them out until you sink into one you like. There are other things you need to consider. While a mattress may feel very comfortable for a few minutes, it may be wrong for you and leave you restless and waking up in pain. You want to consider the following information when you are looking for a new mattress:

Going with a firm mattress

A firm mattress may be a good fit for you as long as it isn’t too firm. Going with a mattress too firm will cause your back to become out of alignment by not allowing your body to position itself in a comfortable manner. The mattress will cause pressure on your vertebrae and hips, causing you great pain and stiffness.

A firm mattress is generally a good choice for people who suffer from lower back pain. This is due to the mattress helping to keep your spin straighter while you sleep, instead of allowing it to sag and get thrown out of position.

Going with a soft mattress

Many people like a soft mattress and you can find one that feels very comfortable. Problems come when you choose a mattress that’s too soft. When it’s too soft, it will allow your buttocks and hips to sink down too much. This will make you feel extremely achy in the morning and cause you to develop knots in your back.

A soft mattress is generally a better choice for people who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia. The soft mattress will coddle you better than a firm one and won’t cause a lot of pressure on your painful areas which may lead to further aggravation of those areas.

How to know which type of mattress is best for you

If the mattress you’ve been sleeping on causes you a great deal of pain in the morning, then you want to go in the other direction. However, if you’re able to feel better after a few morning stretches, then that is the right type of mattress for you to continue sleeping on.

When you go to sleep you want to feel almost as if you are on air, this is a good indication that you’ve found the mattress that’s going to leave you feeling refreshed and as pain free as possible each morning.

For more information, contact Abba’s Appliance Sales and Service Inc. or a similar company.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Dishwasher

When you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on, you expect it to run smoothly and get your dishes clean. Unfortunately, you may occasionally experience problems with it. Before you can figure out how to repair it, you first need to troubleshoot it in order to narrow down the problem. These troubleshooting tips help you do that so you know how to repair it or what to tell the appliance repairs technician when they come over to fix it for you.

The Dishwasher is Leaking

One of the most common complaints with a dishwasher is that it is leaking water. If you turn on your dishwasher and notice a puddle of any size, this is something that requires repairs. Some reasons for the leaking problem include having a worn pump, worn door seals, or a failed water inlet valve. While you can check the door seals on your own to see if that is the problem, most water-leaking issues require a professional to make the repairs.

It Is Noisy

While most dishwashers are going to make some kind of noise, this can also be a sign that something is wrong. This is especially true if it used to be mostly silent, and now all of a sudden you notice the difference in the noises it makes. There are a lot of noises a dishwasher can make, and without proper knowledge of the appliance, it is hard to tell what problem is causing what noise. If you hear a loud screeching, rattling, or banging, you should consult a technician to have a look at it.

The Appliance Won’t Start

Another common reason to get your dishwasher repaired is because it will not start at all. Like all appliances, you should first check the power supply going to the dishwasher if it isn’t starting. Locate the circuit breaker for the dishwasher, turn it off and turn it back on again. If the dishwasher still won’t start, check the electronic controls on front, the thermal fuses, and the motor relay. You may also want to check the timer and the door latch switch.

The Latch Isn’t Working

One of the things you should be able to repair on your own, depending on the severity of the problem, is if the dishwasher’s door latch no longer works. In most cases, it simply doesn’t latch closed, which prevents you from operating your dishwasher. You can check your local home improvement store for a door latch kit, which comes with all the repair parts you need and simple instructions to get it repaired.

If your dishwasher is still not working, not cleaning your dishes properly, or you can’t figure out the problem, contact an appliance technician like A Pittsburgh Service Center to look at it.

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4 Possible Reasons Your HVAC Heater Isn’t Heating

When outdoor temperatures drop and indoor temperatures threaten to join them, few things bring more comfort than a reliable central heating system — except when that system stops being so reliable. If you’re huddled under a mound of blankets right now because your heater has suddenly decided to take the winter off, rest assured that many heater issues can be dealt with by their owners. Here are four things you can check on your heater to discover — and quite possibly correct — the cause of the problem.

1. User Error

This one may be embarrassing to own up to, but you should always admit the possibility that someone in your household may have done something silly with the heater settings. For instance, when you’re stumbling around in the middle of the night trying to find and adjust your thermostat, it could be all too easy to switch the device to “Off” instead of “Auto” by accident. The thermostat could also be set to a lower temperature than you thought.

2. Electrical Failure

An HVAC system takes its operational cues from electrical impulses. If your heater isn’t receiving instructions, you need to troubleshoot the electrical sources and connections.

  • If your thermostat isn’t getting power, it won’t relay the necessary commands to the system. Try turning the fan on from the thermostat. If you get results, the problem lies elsewhere. If the fan doesn’t turn on, then check the electrical circuit that powers the thermostat (or change the batteries, if the thermostat runs on battery power).
  • If the thermostat works but the furnace doesn’t, check to see whether the circuit breaker that controls the furnace has been thrown or the fuse needs replacing. This will be a separate breaker or fuse than the one that governs the air conditioning components.

3. Furnace Problems

If the fan blows only cold air, then the furnace may be malfunctioning. If you have an electric furnace, the issue may be a faulty heating element, a wiring disconnection, a short circuit, or a bad piece of electronics. A gas furnace might have been switched off, in which case you can simply switch it on again, or it might have a closed gas valve. On older gas heaters, the pilot light may need re-lighting. Both electric and gas heaters can also suffer from a blower motor failure that requires the attention of a heating repair specialist.

4. Ventilation Blockages

Sometimes a heating system can’t transfer the heat it generates to your ductwork because its ventilation filter is clogged with dust and debris. This filter may be either permanent or disposable. Remove a permanent filter from its slot, clean all the gunk out of it, and then return it to its original position. Throw a disposal filter away and then replace it with another of the same dimensions.

Not every central heating problem can be accounted for in a quick troubleshooting session or fixed by the homeowner. If you’re still stumped by the fact that your heater doesn’t heat, professional heater repair services can come to your rescue. Good luck — and in the meantime, bundle up warm!

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