Finding The Perfect Piece: Tips When You Are Shopping For Used Furniture

If you are looking for that perfect piece to complete your living room, shopping for used furniture can give you many options that will fit within any budget. When you visit a used furniture dealer, a quick look around the showcase and you will see the variety that is available to you. When you are ready to find some great pieces for your next decorating project, it’s time to head out and begin your bargain hunting.

Know Your Measurements

While you may have an idea of the type or style of chair you want, knowing the dimensions you need is important. If you have identified a specific area for your furniture, measure the area and write down the dimensions. You don’t want to find the perfect piece of furniture, only to find out you can’t put it in the place it was intended.

Look Beyond Rips and Stains

You don’t have to be a professional upholsterer to re-cover a piece of used furniture. If you have a bit of imagination and a willingness to learn, a disheveled piece of furniture can look brand new again with some love and care. If you find a piece of furniture that you love, but it is shabby looking, consider what you can do to the piece to make it look new again. You will create a unique piece of furniture that will look beautiful with your decor.

Choose Quality Hardwood Furniture

When you buy furniture that is used, quality hardwood furniture is your best option. Particle board or laminate furniture isn’t made to last long, and rarely does this type of furniture stand up to the wear and tear of a second or third owner. If you find used furniture made of solid hardwood, you will be able to use the furniture for many years to come.

Recycling at Its Best

When you buy used furniture, you are helping keep the earth a more sustainable place. Buying used furniture and reusing or re-purposing items is a valuable way you can reduce the waste that is in the world today. Invest in quality, used furniture for your home, as it is an excellent option.

Remember that when you are shopping for used furniture, just about anything you don’t like about the furniture can be changed. Whether you want to re-cover the piece, add stain, or lower the legs, you can find a way to do it. When you use some creativity, you will be able to beautifully decorate your home. Visit a site like to find used furniture that will fit your needs.

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Fabulous Finishes: How To Choose A Frame That Will Bring Out The Best In Your Cross-Stitched Sampler

Creating a beautiful cross-stitched sampler is truly a labor of love. You take the time to choose the best fabric and thread, and you spend many hours stitching your design before it is completed. Finally, you’re ready to frame your piece for display in your home.

Choosing the right frame can make a huge difference in the appearance of your stitched design. Unfortunately, the finishing process is one that often gets the least attention. Selecting the right frame will give your stitched sampler a fabulous finish.

Avoid cheap frames

Frames can be purchased for a few dollars at most department stores. However, while they may be fine for photos or certificates, they aren’t the best options for stitched work.  

Stitched work has more bulk than a simple photo or certificate. Cheaper frames may not be substantial enough to hold the weight of a piece of stitched fabric because they tend to be narrower than more expensive frames. You don’t want your sampler to appear as if it has been stuffed into a thin or flimsy frame.

Choose a custom picture frame

Unlike photos, stitched pieces tend to have unusual and varied finished sizes. Standard picture frames may not be available in the proper size you need. Using a frame that is too large or too small can distort the appearance of your stitched sampler.

Your best option is to take your finished project to a specialist like Artistic Wholesale Supply and have a frame custom designed. This will ensure that you get the best finished look possible. You won’t be forcing your lovely design into a frame of the wrong dimensions, and a custom size will allow you to leave the right amount of space between your stitching and the frame to create the best visual effect.

Choose a frame in the right color and material

If your piece will be used as a wall hanging, consider the room it will be used in when choosing a frame. If it will be used in a bathroom or kitchen, you should select a plastic frame that won’t be affected by moisture. You may also want to place the stitched piece behind glass for additional protection.

However, if you use glass, make sure you use a mat between the frame and the stitched sampler. A mat will provide just enough of a barrier to keep the stitched piece from having a flattened appearance from contact with the glass.

You can also choose a frame based on the color of thread used in the stitching if you want to draw out a specific color. If the stitched sampler has a country or primitive design, an antique frame will enhance the old-fashioned look of the design.

Choosing the best frame for your stitched sampler will prevent you from ending up with a mediocre finish to the sampler you spent hours creating. A well-framed piece of stitchery will not only look fabulous in your home, but it will also be a legacy of art you can pass on to future generations.

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Inexpensive Ideas For You To Complete Your Living Room Design

When you move into a new home, your main focus is on ensuring that you have all of the major items that you need for your comfort and home design. In your living room, this will include your couch and chairs, entertainment stand, and television among other things. However, even after you have these larger items set up, you may find yourself feeling as if your living room design is still incomplete. Getting this complete feeling to your style does not need to be an expensive or difficult endeavor. So become familiar with some of the inexpensive ways you can complete your living room design and get started in the process as soon as possible.

Find Cheap or Vintage Side Tables to Refinish

When you have couches and chairs already in your living room, you may want to add in side tables so that you can set your remote control, drinks, or other items next to you. However, your side tables do not have to cost you a great deal of money in order to be unique and stylish.

To start, go to a cheap furniture store, garage sale, thrift store, or even an antique shop and find yourself as many cheap side tables or end tables as you think you will need for your living room. These side tables do not need to match in color or your design, though if you prefer matching table designs, go ahead and do so.

Once you get the tables home, you can refinish them by sanding them down with sandpaper or a machine sander. Once your side tables are sanded down, you can paint them in any hues you would like to coordinate with your other furniture. You can also add stenciling, phrases or quotes, or can even use paint that looks antique to make your tables look classic and beautiful.

Make Your Own Wall Artwork

Another way to bring your living room design together is through the art on your wall. If you cannot afford to buy artwork, even art prints, there are ways around that. In the same types of shops or garage sales that you found your side tables, you can find used photo or art frames for very low prices.

Once you have several frames, you can then get creative. On the one hand, you can put the empty frames up on your walls as art in and of themselves. If you prefer to go in another direction, you can paint or draw your own pictures (abstract or otherwise) or you can even take clippings from magazines, swatches of fabric or pieces of wrapping paper and put these pieces in your new frames. This creates the illusion of intentional artwork without forcing you to spend the large amounts of money.

These ideas for inexpensive ways to complete your living room design can get you started in the process and help you to create a unique living room design for your new home. Remember that you do not have to break your budget to have a well-designed living room space if you are willing to put in the effort and be creative.

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Sustainable Landscaping With Edible Shrubs

Designing your home’s landscaping can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, it can be beneficial to design a sustainable landscape that will serve multiple purposes.

Incorporating edible shrubs into your landscape design ensures that you will have access to fresh food products simply by walking into your yard. Here are three edible shrubs that will allow you to create a more sustainable landscape in the future.

1. Raspberries

While many people are familiar with the juicy red raspberries that can be found at the local supermarket, many may not know that raspberries can actually be red, yellow, purple, or black. The purple and black raspberry varieties are perfect for inclusion in a sustainable landscape design, since these bushes produce rigid stems that are able to stand on their own.

Healthy raspberry bushes planted in your yard will bear fruit for up to 10 years, making them suitable options for homeowners hoping to design a more sustainable landscape around their homes,

2. Beach Plums

If you are looking for shrubbery to create a hedge for privacy in your yard, investing in some beach plum plants could be a great option. These plants have the ability to form new stems as their roots creep outward, creating a thicket that can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Since beach plums also produce a sweet fruit that ripens in the summer and fall, this shrub is perfect for inclusion in a sustainable landscape design. Just be sure that you plant at least two (and preferably more) beach plum plants to ensure proper cross-pollination occurs.

3. Rosemary

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices can be a delight. If you are hoping to include more fresh herbs in your own menu, then planting shrubs like rosemary could help. These fragrant shrubs can serve a valuable purpose as an evergreen hedge, since they commonly reach 3 feet (and even up to 5 feet in warmer climates) in height.

When you want to incorporate fresh rosemary into a recipe, simply cut a stem or two from your shrub. You can also preserve rosemary by drying it, or freezing sprigs for future use.

Finding edible shrubs to include in your landscape design is a simple way to make your yard more sustainable. Consider adding raspberry plants beach plum bushes, or rosemary bushes as you update your landscape design in the future. For more suggestions, contact local landscape services.

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4 Of The Most Helpful Moving Tips Ever

Nothing’s quite as exciting as moving house–and, for many people, nothing’s quite as stressful either. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to help keep your stress levels as low as possible when moving time rolls around. If you’ve got a move coming up, read on. This article will present four tips for avoiding unnecessary stress.

Pack high priority items in a clear bin.

Unpacking your belongings is a long, intensive process–one that can take days, if not weeks, to accomplish. During that time, there are certain items you’re not going to be able to do without. These include:

  • box knives
  • trash bags
  • phone chargers
  • toilet paper
  • basic dishes and flatware
  • power strips
  • screwdrivers and other tools

To make finding these bare necessities easy, pack them all together in a clear plastic bin. This allows you to see what’s in the bin with a single glance. Not only that, but it will also stand out easily from the piles of cardboard boxes soon to be occupying your new home.

Don’t bother unpacking your drawers.

Desk and dresser drawers tend to accumulate a large amount of stuff. Sorting through it all and then packing it into new boxes can be a needlessly time consuming process. Instead, simply seal the drawer as-is by winding them up with a roll of plastic wrap. This will allow the drawer to be conveniently transported as a self-contained unit.

When in doubt, color code your boxes.

Labeling boxes is one place where lofty intentions often give way to outright chaos. That’s because, in the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget to stop and write down the contents of every single box. The good news is that there’s an easy way to ensure your boxes end up where you need them: color. Just pick a different color for each room of your new house, and then use either markers or colored tape to label each box accordingly.

Use plastic wrap to seal the tops of toiletries.

When it comes to the bathroom, it can be tempting to just sweep all those bottles and tubes right into a box. But as often as not, that strategy leads to leaks and spills. Avoid this scenario by taking off the lid of each item, placing a square of plastic wrap over the hole, and then reattaching the lid. This will form a leak-proof barrier, thus protecting against messy leaks.

If you’re looking for a moving company, visit Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving..

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3 Tips For Selecting Fabrics The First Time

If you are new to sewing, choosing the right fabrics can be more challenging than you think. Without the right fabric, your project could lack the quality that you desire. To help ensure you make the right selections at the fabric store, here are some tips. 

Check the Bolts’ Labels

Each bolt of fabric in the store is labeled with vital information that you need in your selection process. The label is either affixed to the end of the bolt or can be found on a tag attached to its cardboard tubing. A label typically has the fiber content, the width of the fabric, its price per yard, and how much it costs to buy the entire bolt. You can even find the country of origin on the label. To ensure you have the right fabric for your project, read the label. 

In addition to all of the other information on the bolt’s label, the washing instructions are also included. Make note of the washing instructions for the fabric you choose so that you can care for the sewn item when it is completed. 

Be Creative With How You Use the Fabrics

Fabrics are typically categorized into different sections of the store. For instance, you could find some fabrics are designated for use as curtains or clothing. Even though they are categorized in this manner, you are not limited to using them solely for the recommended purposes.

You can choose to be creative and pick fabrics that you feel could work for your project. For instance, you could use denim found in the clothing section to create a tablecloth or curtain. 

Watch the Cut of the Fabric

Ideally, you know the measurements of the item you want to sew. This can help determine just how much fabric you need to complete your project. When having the fabric cut by an employee, there are a couple of things to remember. 

Ensure that the cut is straight. If the employee opts to cut from a bolt that is on display or hanging, the line could be crooked. As a result, you could lose some of the inches that you need. You should also consider asking for more fabric than you need. A few extra inches of fabric could come in handy if the measurements were incorrect or there are mistakes made while sewing. 

The first time you visit a fabric store can be daunting, but luckily, selecting the right fabrics gets easier as you gain experience. 

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How To Decorate A Country Kitchen

Are you moving into a brand new home, or are you redecorating your present kitchen? Either way, if you have selected a country theme, consider these ideas to establish a cozy and warm atmosphere for you to enjoy with your family members and your friends.

The Walls – Selecting the wallpaper will be a good place to start your country decorating.

  • Do you want wallpaper? If so, think about selecting a design that contains small flowers, old-fashioned bonnets, kittens, puppies, or farm yard animals.
  • If you would rather have paint, consider selecting colors that you would find in nature. Embellishing the top of the walls with stenciling would add some pizzazz to the room, too. Strawberries, apples, pears and combinations of fruit are all ideas that would be good stencil designs.
  • Another idea is to select a mural for one of the walls. A scene depicting a meadow of flowers, a farm house or children playing outdoors are all good choices.

The Furniture – Think of using a lot of wood to keep a country flavor in your kitchen.

  • When you select your kitchen table and chairs, think of giving your country look a bit of a twist by choosing tall pieces. Adding a basket of sunflowers or a bowl of apples, real or artificial, would add a country touch, too.
  • A wooden sideboard from which you can serve buffet meals would be a good addition. Selecting one with a country flavor would add to the charm.
  • Another idea is to select a roll top desk. Besides adding to the country look you’re wanting to establish, it would be a great place to keep a your computer out of sight when you don’t want anything electronic to disturb the country look.
  • Check out a local used goods store if you’re on a budget, or visit a local furniture store such as Tristate Furniture to find what you’re looking for.

The Decor – Shopping at antique stores, resale shops, yard sales and even museum gift shops may result in you finding one-of-a-kind pieces that will add to the charm of your country kitchen.

  • For your curtains, think about using large embroidered dishtowels with colorful ribbons for the tie-backs.
  • A grouping that contains framed family recipes, antique cookie cutters, and shadow boxes with collectibles like silver spoons, thimbles, and miniature china animals would be great.
  • Think about having each of your family members dress up in old-fashioned country clothes and taking photographs that you’d finish in sepia tones to be framed an hung on one of your kitchen walls. Denim overalls, long calico skirts, bonnets, aprons, suspenders and straw hats for the guys would be great touches.

The fun of decorating a country kitchen is that you can add pieces as time goes by. Consider a wooden corner hutch on which to display your collectibles.

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