5 Inexpensive Ways To Refresh An Older Bathroom

Posted on: 4 March 2015

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great way to add value to your home due to it being one of the first things potential homebuyers look at when house-shopping. If you want to make some upgrades in your bathroom while on a budget, you should start small and consider which projects will make a big visual improvement without costing a lot.

Incorporate Accent Tiles

Ripping out the existing tile flooring or walls is expensive and should be avoided if you're trying to remodel your bathroom while on a budget. An easy way to change the look of either the floors or the walls is by adding accent tiles. Choosing tiles that flatter the appearance of the bathroom and doing the installation on your own can help make a big impact in the way your bathroom looks.

Replace Knobs and Pulls

The cabinetry in your bathroom can look aged if the cabinets are without knobs or pulls. Even cabinetry with hardware already can look unattractive if they no longer fit the style of the bathroom. Luckily, replacing this kind of hardware can make a big improvement in the bathroom and is very affordable.

Install a Curved Shower Rod

If you use a shower curtain in your bathroom, you may want to consider exchanging the current rod for a curved shower rod. By switching out the rod, you'll be able to alter the way that your bathroom looks and enjoy more space in the shower at the same time.

Put in Some New Lighting Fixtures

Removing old lighting and replacing them with modern fixtures can not only brighten up your bathroom drastically, but it can also lead to savings in energy usage. When replacing the fixtures, make sure to use energy-efficient lightbulbs for the most savings.

Change Out the Linens

The linens in your bathroom can make the room feel much more outdated than it is. Linens such as the rug, bath towels, and hand towels should all be removed and exchanged with fresh linens that match the new look of your bathroom. Sticking with a matching set of linens can also help keep a uniform look that feels modern.

Making some changes in your bathroom doesn't need to be expensive if you know what kind of projects to undertake. In order for your bathroom to look brand new without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, get familiar with inexpensive upgrades that offer a big visual change. (For more information, contact Art Tile Co. Inc. or another company)