Top Gifts For Gardening Enthusiasts

Posted on: 19 March 2015

Are you searching for the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Does the recipient enjoy gardening or flowers? Here are some gift suggestions to help make the day special:

Exotic seeds: Many gardeners know about plants that they would love to grow, but they either can't find the seeds or can't justify the expense of purchasing them. Try to find out if the intended recipient has been searching for a particular type of plant or seed. Research whether the seeds will need specialized equipment for them to sprout or grow. If they do, consider gifting those as well.

Tealight oil warmer: If the person that you're buying the gift for likes the smell of flowers but has no garden, consider purchasing a tealight oil warmer set for them. A tealight oil warmer's beautiful fragrances will help to evoke a mental image of freshly cut flowers. In addition, if the recipient is allergic to flower pollen, gifting them a tealight oil warmer and realistic silk flowers can be a wonderful alternative to freshly cut flowers. If you don't know what their favorite scent is, include several different ones for them to choose from.

Potpourri lamp: A potpourri lamp may be a type of tealight oil warmer, but it can also be a type of regular lamp. Where a tealight oil warmer uses a candle to warm the oil so that the scent fills the room, a potpourri lamp uses an ordinary light bulb. The lack of an open flame may make these lamps a better option for people who have pets or small children. Because they are so similar, you may be able to find a potpourri lamp being sold near or with the tealight oil warmers.

Bonsai: Not every gardener has room in their yard for their favorite tree. A beautiful bonsai is the perfect choice for a gardening enthusiast with little to no space. If they don't already have them, be sure to include bonsai tools and bonsai how-to books so that they know how to properly care for their new plant. Depending on where they live, you should also consider including a small grow light as well. This way, they won't have to worry about putting their bonsai outside in freezing temperatures simply so that it can get some sunlight.

Before buying anything, try to determine whether there are any scents or plants that they hate. For example, some people might dislike the smell of roses while other people detest lavender. If they happen to mention that they despise pruning, giving them a bonsai might not be the best option. But finding the perfect gift doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you keep your eyes and ears open.