How To Make Your Draperies Last

Posted on: 30 March 2015

Draperies are a critical part of your home decor. A good drapery material will last for many years, given the appropriate care and maintenance. These tips will help you maintain your draperies, keeping them looking beautiful for years or even decades. 

Follow Manufacturer's Care Instructions

Some materials are very delicate when wet and cannot be laundered in a washing machine, while other materials shrink horribly when they dry. Others still respond well to cleaning with simple water and laundry detergent. These variations mean that some draperies can be laundered by conventional means (in a washer and dryer), while other draperies must be dry cleaned. The care instructions for your draperies will be located on the manufacturer's tag. Follow all care instructions for laundering your draperies. Deviating from the manufacturer's care instructions may result in the destruction of the material. 

Launder Only When Necessary

Drapery laundering with a washer and dryer tends to change the shape, color and size of the draperies--even if the draperies are designated as washer and dryer safe. Dry cleaning is a much gentler process; however, the act of simply taking up and putting down the draperies involves a lot of additional handling that can speed the deterioration of the drapery material. To prevent this type of deterioration, launder your draperies only when absolutely necessary. For many people, laundering draperies annually is often enough. 

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your draperies on a weekly basis. You may need to vacuum the draperies more often if the windows are left open, or if the draperies are hanging in a room with a frequently used fireplace. 

To vacuum your draperies, close the draperies and leave them hanging on the curtain rod. Use an upholstery attachment to vacuum the draperies, starting at the top and working downward in a straight row. Repeat this process over and over until the draperies have been fully vacuumed. Pay close attention to the areas near the top of the draperies where the drapery hooks attach, and around the seams where dust gathers. 

Use a Lint Brush 

Use a lint brush as necessary to remove balls of thread, hairs and other large objects that may cling to the material. This type of cleaning can supplement your vacuuming and may even be used in place of vacuuming from time to time, if you do not feel that vacuuming is necessary. 

Clean the Window Sills

Window sills gather a lot of dust over time, especially when the windows are left open. This dust can easily be transferred to the draperies, especially if the draperies are frequently opened and closed. Clean your window sills on a weekly basis, before vacuuming the drapes. 

Following these tips will help you keep your draperies clean and beautiful, and may extend the life of your draperies by years. For more information, contact a drapery dealer like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley.