Inexpensive Ideas For You To Complete Your Living Room Design

Posted on: 22 December 2015

When you move into a new home, your main focus is on ensuring that you have all of the major items that you need for your comfort and home design. In your living room, this will include your couch and chairs, entertainment stand, and television among other things. However, even after you have these larger items set up, you may find yourself feeling as if your living room design is still incomplete. Getting this complete feeling to your style does not need to be an expensive or difficult endeavor. So become familiar with some of the inexpensive ways you can complete your living room design and get started in the process as soon as possible.

Find Cheap or Vintage Side Tables to Refinish

When you have couches and chairs already in your living room, you may want to add in side tables so that you can set your remote control, drinks, or other items next to you. However, your side tables do not have to cost you a great deal of money in order to be unique and stylish.

To start, go to a cheap furniture store, garage sale, thrift store, or even an antique shop and find yourself as many cheap side tables or end tables as you think you will need for your living room. These side tables do not need to match in color or your design, though if you prefer matching table designs, go ahead and do so.

Once you get the tables home, you can refinish them by sanding them down with sandpaper or a machine sander. Once your side tables are sanded down, you can paint them in any hues you would like to coordinate with your other furniture. You can also add stenciling, phrases or quotes, or can even use paint that looks antique to make your tables look classic and beautiful.

Make Your Own Wall Artwork

Another way to bring your living room design together is through the art on your wall. If you cannot afford to buy artwork, even art prints, there are ways around that. In the same types of shops or garage sales that you found your side tables, you can find used photo or art frames for very low prices.

Once you have several frames, you can then get creative. On the one hand, you can put the empty frames up on your walls as art in and of themselves. If you prefer to go in another direction, you can paint or draw your own pictures (abstract or otherwise) or you can even take clippings from magazines, swatches of fabric or pieces of wrapping paper and put these pieces in your new frames. This creates the illusion of intentional artwork without forcing you to spend the large amounts of money.

These ideas for inexpensive ways to complete your living room design can get you started in the process and help you to create a unique living room design for your new home. Remember that you do not have to break your budget to have a well-designed living room space if you are willing to put in the effort and be creative.