Fabulous Finishes: How To Choose A Frame That Will Bring Out The Best In Your Cross-Stitched Sampler

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Creating a beautiful cross-stitched sampler is truly a labor of love. You take the time to choose the best fabric and thread, and you spend many hours stitching your design before it is completed. Finally, you're ready to frame your piece for display in your home.

Choosing the right frame can make a huge difference in the appearance of your stitched design. Unfortunately, the finishing process is one that often gets the least attention. Selecting the right frame will give your stitched sampler a fabulous finish.

Avoid cheap frames

Frames can be purchased for a few dollars at most department stores. However, while they may be fine for photos or certificates, they aren't the best options for stitched work.  

Stitched work has more bulk than a simple photo or certificate. Cheaper frames may not be substantial enough to hold the weight of a piece of stitched fabric because they tend to be narrower than more expensive frames. You don't want your sampler to appear as if it has been stuffed into a thin or flimsy frame.

Choose a custom picture frame

Unlike photos, stitched pieces tend to have unusual and varied finished sizes. Standard picture frames may not be available in the proper size you need. Using a frame that is too large or too small can distort the appearance of your stitched sampler.

Your best option is to take your finished project to a specialist like Artistic Wholesale Supply and have a frame custom designed. This will ensure that you get the best finished look possible. You won't be forcing your lovely design into a frame of the wrong dimensions, and a custom size will allow you to leave the right amount of space between your stitching and the frame to create the best visual effect.

Choose a frame in the right color and material

If your piece will be used as a wall hanging, consider the room it will be used in when choosing a frame. If it will be used in a bathroom or kitchen, you should select a plastic frame that won't be affected by moisture. You may also want to place the stitched piece behind glass for additional protection.

However, if you use glass, make sure you use a mat between the frame and the stitched sampler. A mat will provide just enough of a barrier to keep the stitched piece from having a flattened appearance from contact with the glass.

You can also choose a frame based on the color of thread used in the stitching if you want to draw out a specific color. If the stitched sampler has a country or primitive design, an antique frame will enhance the old-fashioned look of the design.

Choosing the best frame for your stitched sampler will prevent you from ending up with a mediocre finish to the sampler you spent hours creating. A well-framed piece of stitchery will not only look fabulous in your home, but it will also be a legacy of art you can pass on to future generations.