4 Problems That Can Cause A Gas Furnace Pilot To Go Out

Posted on: 30 June 2016

Does your central heating system work inefficiently because the pilot to the furnace always goes out? There are actually several different things that can be the root cause of a gas furnace pilot not staying ignited. In this article, you will find a list of the possible problems that can lead to a gas furnace pilot going out.

1. The Thermocouple is Faulty

The thermocouple to your gas furnace plays a major role in whether or not the pilot will ignite becaue is the part that signals a valve in the furnace to release gas to the burner. The only way that the thermocouple will signal the release of gas is if it can sense a flame burning in the pilot. When there is no pilot flame, there will also be no gas released to the burner. However, a faulty thermocouple might incorrectly sense that there isn't a flame in the pilot, which leads to the gas shutting off and the pilot flaming going out.

2. A Clogged Up Pilot Orifice

Sometimes the root cause of a furnace pilot going out is simply a clogged up orifice. The orifice of the pilot is the area in which the flame comes out of. It is possible that a lot of dirt or dust has accumulated in the orifice and need to be removed. It is in your best interest to hire a contractor to clean the orifice, as he or she might find that it is damaged and need to be replaced. 

3. Problems with the Gas Valve or Line

It is possible that your furnace has a problematic valve that does not send a sufficient amount of gas to the burner. The valve may be broken and not set at the right level. You can get the gas valve replaced if it is the problem. However, keep in mind that the gas line to the valve can also be the problem. There might be a gas leak that requires prompt attention to prevent a possible explosion.

4. A Damaged Pilot Burner

The burner to a gas furnace is responsible for igniting a flame that is sent into the pilot orifice. It is possible that the burner is unable to fully ignite a flame because it is dirty. If it is found that the burner is the pilot problem, you will simply need to get it cleaned or replaced. Speak to a heating contractor about your gas furnace so he or she can inspect and repair it.