3 Great Ways Limestone Can Help Boost Your Home's Landscape

Posted on: 19 January 2021

Decorating the outdoors is a challenging and yet rewarding home improvement project. As a homeowner, it's good to know the materials you will use to enhance the curb appeal of your home's landscape. And although you can use various landscaping materials, limestone is one of the most commonly used natural materials in most landscaping projects. 

Limestone is naturally white, but shades of yellow and brown are available. It is durable, attractive, and very versatile, and it's not just used in decorating countertops and other interior elements. Limestone can be crushed and used to make beautiful external furnishing for your home. Here are three ways in which you can use limestone to boost the appearance of your home's landscape.

Creating Drainage Ditches

Your home needs a drainage system to keep rainwater away from the walls and foundation of your home. Most homeowners line their drainage ditches with crushed rock and gravel because the materials are easy to install and they also allow water to seep through. However, if you want to deviate from the norm and create a truly unique drainage system for your home, use limestone. Limestone is durable and also porous. You can choose and mix two grades of limestone. The large stones will work as the stabilizers inside and on the sides of the channel, while the smaller ones will be the fillers. 

Paving Your Driveway

You can also use limestone to make a pavement for the driveway in your home. The most popular materials for driveways are gravel and asphalt. However, you can choose something unique, and one that will last long like limestone. This material is strong enough to handle the force exerted on the driveway, especially by foot traffic. Limestone tolerates harsh weather better than gravel, and as long as you install it properly, it will serve you for many years without repairing and resurfacing it often.

Creating Excellent Groundcover

Limestone can also be excellent groundcover for your outdoor spaces. If you have parts of your home where natural grass and other vegetation do not grow, you can choose to spread limestone. You will need to spread a landscape fabric before pouring the limestone as it will help minimize the growth of weeds. You can also use limestone on the pathways, and on structures such as waterfalls and other external parts of the landscape.

These are simple and effective ways in which you can use limestone around your home. Just ensure you choose high-quality limestone from a reputable supplier and get a landscaper who knows how limestone can be used to create unique and scenic outdoors.