Suggestions For Using Your New Propane Patio Heater Safely

Posted on: 11 April 2023

A portable propane patio heater could be what you need to enjoy your patio when the weather turns chilly. If you like entertaining outside or just sitting outdoors to enjoy nature, you can extend the outdoor season if you have a heater to keep you warm.

The heater you buy depends on the size of your patio. A heater for a residential space doesn't have to be as big as a heater for a restaurant's outdoor dining area. That's why a propane heater could be ideal for your use, and they are very safe to use.

Here are some suggestions for using a propane patio heater safely.

Buy A Heater With Safety Features

Ask about the safety features a patio heater has before you buy it. A tall heater should have a weighted base so it's hard for the wind to blow over. It should have a thermocouple too. This is an important safety feature that detects the flame. If the flame goes out of your heater, the thermocouple shuts down the gas supply. This prevents a gas leak that could cause a fire.

In addition, the heater should shut off instantly if it tips over. You might also want to reconsider buying a patio heater with an open flame. While they're attractive, they have a higher risk of starting a fire than a heater with a contained flame.

Set The Heater On A Stable Surface

You can set a small heater on a table so it has a solid surface to rest on. A tall patio heater should be placed on your patio on level ground. Even though you can move a portable heater where you want to, you should always be sure the heater is stable because the wind could knock it over otherwise. It's better to set the heater on concrete rather than grass.

Leave Space Around The Heater

Don't risk creating a fire hazard by placing anything too close to the heater. This includes fabrics, plants, and anything else that can burn easily. The radius of the heat from a patio heater depends on its size, but you should be able to feel heat several feet away.

Plus, a propane patio heater needs plenty of ventilation. Use your heater in an open space that's not against the wall or on an enclosed porch. As long as you follow simple precautions with your propane heater, you can enjoy your heated outdoor space without worry. Propane patio heaters are safe to use and will allow you to get more enjoyment from your patio.

Reach out to a patio heater supplier to learn more.