• How To Install Canvas Window Awnings

    Canvas awnings over your windows add color and interest to your home's exterior, while also providing a useful function. Homeowners can purchase awning installation kits from any home improvement or building supply store. You can have them professionally installed if you're willing to pay more, but the average homeowner shouldn't have any problem carrying out this project. The following steps will show you how. What You Will Need Awning Kit
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  • Battling Mushrooms In Your Lawn

    The small white or brown mushrooms that pop up in your lawn, commonly referred to as lawn mushrooms, can be a nuisance. The mushrooms are actually the fruiting body of a large fungal system that is growing just beneath the soil. Cultural control practices can minimize their growth and keep your lawn beautiful. Find the Food Source Mushrooms won't grow without a food source. The fungus feeds on decaying organic matter.
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  • Better Safe Than Sorry: Inspect All Plants Before You Bring Them Home

    If you're looking for new plants and trees to bring home, a nursery is a fantastic place to go. Caring staff offer locally suitable plants that are also often certified to resist or be free of pests and pathogens. However, even the best nurseries can find infestations starting unexpectedly -- maybe a customer tracked something in on his or her shoes, or an errant bug discovered a hiding place in a dense shrub and multiplied.
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